Art of Trolling


Anybody? No?

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By 427sir

Hopefully, Anyway

condom darth vader Father IRL protection - 5040039936
By maxystone

Momma Was a Cradle Robber

Father Mormon Chat - 4794158080
By Unknown

No Trolls Required

Father google Omegle trolls - 4465487616
By Ironcymru


daughter Father pedobear - 3332180224
By Unknown


Father mother son - 4076710656
By Dan Ryan
dad photoshopping his kid

Photoshopping Dad Makes His Baby Do Manly Things

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Super inc*st

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By Unknown


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By Unknown


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How to Tell Your Overprotective Father You're Going to Hong Kong

Father taken Movie - 7016494848
Via Tastefully Offensive


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By Unknown

I Am Your Father!

chatroulette parenting dad Father - 7164008704
By Jesusinthehood
Funny prank where people tell their dads that they put olive oil in their cars

Dads Get Pranked With This Olive Oil Hoax

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I'm am your father.

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By camboslice

Your Father Was a Class Act

Cleverbot Father rick roll star wars - 5840199168
By Addy_Paddy
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