Art of Trolling


The 'Related Headlines' Have Never Been So Accurate

FBI twitter prank - 8795092736
Via BuchoZ77

Hope You Like Being Watched

asl Awkward boston FBI Omegle - 5277878528
By HellaDemon

Changed My Router Name Today

FBI cia wifi - 7388543744
By Ben

People Who Fall for This Do Exist!

someone fell for fbi surveillance van wifi


FBI he man Memes pr0n youtube - 6494687744
By littledevil9

Yep, That's Him

ascii art FBI Omegle pedobear stranger - 5087919360
By Unknown

Do They Also Know I'm a Ravenclaw?

NSA FBI conspiracy failbook g rated - 8382738432

Scissoring Doesn't Count

FBI pedobear relationships Yahoo Answer Fai Yahoo Answer Fails - 6259078400
By Mortuaryjoe

Um, What About Konstipated Death?

FBI weird wifi - 4734351616
By nurrrr

I Bet They Will

FBI IRL - 5206065152
By Unknown

Almost Had Him)

FAIL FBI Omegle stupid - 4443145728
By ekahnicole

Scumbag Sabu

FBI lulzsec rip - 5938552320
Via The Guardian

Unidentified Fellating Object

Aliens FBI lemonparty old men ufo - 4558427648
By Unknown

You Should Probably Put Some Pants On

FBI fear naughty chat Omegle - 4526183424
By xoxemilyxoxo

Would Have Made Great Fertilizer

best of week FBI garden - 5415961344
By Unknown


boston FBI Omegle oops pedo - 3453556224
By Unknown