Art of Trolling



Canada Omegle - 3242433792
By Unknown

The Troll Wide World

Canada Omegle world - 4269735936
By Unknown

They Mature Faster in Canada

Canada kids parenting maturity - 7642700288
By Unknown

Victory Tastes So Good

Canada Sochi 2014 hockey olympics - 8075968000
By Unknown

Courtesy of the Department of Trollsportation

Canada mexico - 7769021952
By Unknown
ford Canada monday thru friday trolltube - 51504641

Canadian Car Dealership Owner Gets Robbed, Creates a Radio Commercial to Drive His Robbers Insane With Anxiety

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One Does Not Simply Walk Away From Saying Sorry To A Canadian

Via Hark! A Vagrant

Southwest Tilbury Island in British Columbia Has the Single Best and Worst Postal Code in All of Canada

Canada - 8026225664
By Unknown

Meanwhile in Canada

Text - ScanBC 18 mins #Vancouver Police are responding to 600 Industrial Ave for a caller reporting an unknown male is on his property using his BBQ
By slolo420

Now He's Stealing Our Women!

Canada FAIL justin bieber Omegle - 4581796608
By Sofa-King

And So Three Old Men Enter Canadian Government

Canada government lemonparty old men wikipedia - 4494713856
By Unknown

Can Fap. Can You?

Canada IRL the internets wtf - 4913093888
By ZenLikeCalm

Canadians boldly go not quite as far as other people.

Canada lego youtube - 6701299456
By Xelah

Glad I'm Not an Amarican!

american Canada spelling - 4011041536
By Unknown

Godless, You Say?

Canada santa - 6089998080
By Bonhomme_Zombie

A True Canadian Badass

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