Art of Trolling


Dem Legs

Bieber IRL legs magazine - 6308395264
By xMishiex
Bieber kid Video youtube - 30148609

A Lady With Taste

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Bieber pedobear - 3992687872
By Unknown

He's Enslaved a Million Little Girls

best of week Bieber Kony the worst - 5985224704
By Unknown

I Do Get Those Confused Sometimes

Bieber Cleverbot god - 5305317888
By froggie8

Apply Cold Water to the Burn

Bieber facebook cancer - 6722780160
By Unknown

Never Say Never

Bieber facebook FAIL status - 4848209408
By Milonius

I Suggest You Write It In Your Own Blood

Bieber facebook Music - 5389356032
By Bendyrulz

Has a Source, Must Be True

Bieber justin bieber the biebs wikipedia - 4770910208
By iamnotthestig


Bieber gay - 4061216512
By Balmarog

Rock, on, Biebs

Bieber lyrics Yahoo Answer Fails - 4736115968
By bubblydoom

Someone Said Never

Bieber IRL movies never say never - 4653367808

It Plays His New Song

Bieber rick roll Yahoo Answer Fails - 4527673600
By Lawson

Time For a New Gif?

Bieber Omegle troll vs troll - 4595703552
By Camtroll

Kill it With Buckshot

Bieber facebook shotgun the biebs - 4724261888
By Kuleo0z


Bieber Chat Roulette - 3757262592
By Doppelbanger
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