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No Need for a Raincoat

Awkward pick-up lines sexytimes - 5380487936
By missypie23
videos Awkward trolltube - 53553153

How Would You Feel if Someone Gave You an Awkward Handshake?

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chatroulette Awkward saw Guy Fawkes - 6678248448
By seakiller15

What Is He Doing In There?

Awkward bathroom feet IRL stall - 4822287616
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Walmart employees describe the strangest things they've witnessed while on the job | gigashadow89 6y My favorite guy who came and said lost remote so need new tv asked him if tv broken wasn't, he just lost remote and didn't want bother finding so he wanted new tv showed him our selection universal remotes he responded with "but then l'd have program new tv comes with preprogrammed remote So sold guy 50 inch tv.

Weirdest Things Walmart Employees Witnessed

Walmart is a magnet for the strange.
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Hire a Lawyer?

Awkward chat Omegle sexy times - 4624754688
By Unknown

Urination, it's a turn on.

Awkward honesty horny toilet - 4183180288
By Bekathepixie

Weird Ears Usually Get Me

Awkward facebook - 4971342336
By Colleen
dad accidentally texts son a dick pic

Dad Accidentally Texts Son Extremely Awkward Picture, But the Kid Plays Situation Perfectly

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A collection of the most obvious lies that people were ever told. | lurkity_mclurkington co-worker told my own story back as his own. Twice.

Most Obvious Lies People Were Ever Told

They're only fooling themselves.
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That One Troll Who Never Fails to Rope You Into Lifeless Conversation Whenever You Cross Paths

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I've heard pumpkins are nice

Awkward halloween - 3631629056
By Unknown

Stop Peeling Your Labels

beer Awkward label funny - 8215215616
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She's Got You For Life, Bro

Awkward pedobear sexytimes Yahoo Answer Fails - 5220694272
By monotobi
A choosing beggar assumes helpful stranger will pay for new computer.

Choosing Beggar Asks For Computer Help, Assumes Stranger Will Pay For It

That spiraled out of control quickly.
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He's Already Bought a House

Awkward relationships Skyrim video games - 5437776640
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