Art of Trolling


Technical Foul...

Awkward basketball - 8131315968

And a Block From Me to You

Awkward barney - 5365791744
Created by DalekMeme ( Via )

Great Exfoliator!

Awkward IRL pain toilet - 5012263936
Created by Unknown

Tumblr Contests, Prepare to Meet Your Trolls

Awkward Omegle tumblr - 4897090048
Created by Arily_Failure_Hernando
Awkward knowledge news penis small Video - 15421441

Oh, He Knows

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trolling Awkward texting - 1628165

Guy Handles Unsolicited Dick Pick In Top-Notch Trollworthy Fashion

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People describe their worst nightmare neighbor conflict tales. | GaryBuseyWithRabies 12h My house is one few has driveway. Everyone else used on street parking few neighbors like park their cars front my house snows so town plows will get front their house plows leave an extra five feet snow front my driveway. They also park directly across my driveway so 's even harder get out.

People's Worst Nightmare Neighbor Conflict Stories

Some neighbors have zero chill.
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A collection of the most obvious lies that people were ever told. | lurkity_mclurkington co-worker told my own story back as his own. Twice.

Most Obvious Lies People Were Ever Told

They're only fooling themselves.
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Weird Ears Usually Get Me

Awkward facebook - 4971342336
Created by Colleen
jokes Awkward trolltube knock knock joke Video - 63409921

Make Me Laugh

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It Exfoliates Really Well

Awkward gross poop shoppers beware soap - 5098582272
Created by -Ghost-
Awkward Video magic - 81609473

An Awkward Magician Performs a Disappointing, but Hilarious, Trick

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Just Move to the Basement

Awkward humping Yahoo Answer Fails - 4905363712
Created by Unknown

Talk Dirty to Yourself

Awkward faptimes forever alone - 5152473088
Created by Unknown

I Sprayed My Heart Out to You!

Awkward dating graffiti marriage proposals popping the question - 8360593920

Maybe You Should?

Awkward drive - 5390626816
Created by Unknown
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