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70 Years Ago Today, 24,000 Allied Troops Stormed Five Beaches at Normandy in Northern France

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How to Tell Europeans Apart


"Survey in France: Who is, According to You, the Country That Contributed Most to Germany's Defeat in 1945?"

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The Life-Saving Bible

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And Don't You Ever Forget It

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Strength Through Chaos

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If U Disagre Then Yuo Are Dum

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There's Plenty to Go Around!

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Yamamoto Knew What Was Up

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How to Tell Who You're Shooting At

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A True Hero

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It's Not Fair That Only Hitler Got to Shoot Hitler in the Head

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World War II in a Nutshell

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Daily Show Correspondent Jason Jones (A Canadian) on World War II

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Happy Easter, You Piece of Garbage!

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American Propaganda Hit Real Hard During World War II

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