Men, If a Woman Says She'll Be Ready in Five Minutes, There's No Need to Remind Her Every Half Hour

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Always There for You

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AskReddit thread about impactful women that often get overlooked in history | fergi20020 550 points 14 hours ago Anna Connelly invented fire escape 1887 same year, Josephine Cochrane invented dishwasher.

Heroic Women That Deserve More Recognition

Anna Connelly pulling through with the fire escape.
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Well, That Didn't Work

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MURICA in a Nutshell

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pretty women making ugly faces | attractive girl posing and same girl crossing her eyes and making a silly face

Pretty Women Making Not So Pretty Faces

It's a story of transformation.
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Dear Lord...

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Why Women Are Like Bacon

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If This Happened, the Economy Would Be in Shambles

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If Only it Was an Ice Cream Cake

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funniest women tweets we came across this week | thumbnail text Onyx @Allanah_Morales Y'all remember principals used sit our classes our teachers became fake nice af day lol

Funniest Tweets Written By Women Last Week (October 12, 2020)

The funny women of Twitter
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