Don't Be One of THOSE People

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A road rager picks on a motorcycle driver, driver takes petty revenge | r/pettyrevenge Join u/Fluffy-Designer Small motorbike vs small waves pinky finger should preface this by saying raised by narcissist and extremely passive-aggressive as result. Years ago bought my first motorbike tiny 125CC bike with my 82kg body weight, could barely do 90km/h on flat road and would lose speed going up hills despite revving as hard as could my first motorbike and loved her with my whole heart.

Road Rager Picks On Motorcycle, Rider Gets Revenge

That dude achieved a whole new shade of rage purple.
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movies Video win - 65829633

Space Tribute of the Day: Ohio State Marching Band Performs Sci-Fi Movie Themes

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Neighbor antagonizes guy to no end, and ends up getting a taste of his own medicine | r/pettyrevenge u/TheCrimsonnerGinge Neighbor antagonized all year, so quite literally) gave him taste his own medicine college had neighbor (Who will henceforth be Benny, like asshat New Vegas And this neighbor, he not considerate neighbor example, he watched TikTok at 3am, connected his Bluetooth speaker, which he so politely pointed directly at wall improve sound quality He piled his

Neighbor Antagonizes Guy, Gets Taste Of His Own Medicine

A herculean act, indeed.
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news barack obama Video g rated win - 65463809

Barack Obama Gets Told to Back off This Dude's Girlfriend, Plays It Off With Class

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Parenting Done Right

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By Unknown
football g rated win - 56438273

These Kids Are What America is All About

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Take a Look at What It's Like to Flip With Pole Vaulter Allison Stokke

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employee gets back at manager by working exact hours | Posted by u/LiabilityLandon 1 day ago O 2 23 23 S 43 图19 can't be late anymore are work only set schedule. Ok boss oc M So after graduated college went back work at my high school job at large auto parts chain have few stories malicious compliance there because miserable place work with miserable management, but think this one takes cake.

Employee Gets Back At Unreasonable Manager By Working Exact Hours

"If you say so, boss."
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Watch Celtics' Jae Crowder Make An Incredible 94-Foot Shot

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Rory McIlroy's Lands a Shot in the Most Unlikely Place at the 2014 TOUR Championship

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Somewhere in Wisconsin, Glorious "Icehenge" Has Been Erected

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patriotic murica driving Video win - 79123969

Driving on the Rumble Strips of This New Mexican Highway is Patriotic AF

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Video military restoring faith in humanity week g rated win - 57026305

The 50 Yard Line Reunion of This Military Dad With His Son is Just the Best

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interesting and valuable things people found in the trash | Handwriting - Duck-Yo-Couch 2 days ago Once I found a perfectly good stationary bike that my neighbors threw out that I cleaned up then used for years. Can't believe this day comes only 52 times a year.

The Best Stuff People Found In The Garbage

One person's trash is another person's very valuable, useful trash.
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commercial super bowl compilation Video win - 68156161

Take a Look Back at Some of the Best Commercials to Ever Air During the Big Game

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