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redneck innovations

21 Redneck Innovations

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That Tailgate is Only Available on the Special Edition

Land vehicle - Magnolia Tacoma ToraTA SR5
Via Acid Cow

Cheaper Than a New Headlight

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By Unknown

Maximized Efficiency?

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By Unknown

How Else is He Supposed to Keep His Pants Up?

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Don't Have a Christmas Tree? Just Use a Traffic Cone, DUH!

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By Unknown

Home Improvement, NASCAR Edition

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By Scurvy

What a Kludge

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By Unknown

Why Waste All That Greywater?

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How to Turn a Pig

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By Unknown

A Genius Way to Mow the Lawn

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By Aeshel

Tow Trucks Are Expensive

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By Craig
diy fixes fails

21 Hilariously Failed DIY Fixes

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Why Your Car Drifts to the Left

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By Mike Benton
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