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Ohio Sucks

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What to Do if You Suddenly Find Yourself in Ohio

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How NY Giants Fans Feel After Week 6

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It's Easier Than It Seems

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Texans Fans...

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Funny political memes that use the simpsons, donald trump, election 2020, nevada | CAN BE VERY, VERY PERSUASIVE. COME ON. STOP COUNTING THE VOTES. NO. | NEVADA GOING BE HONEST WITH LISA NEVER COUNTED VOTES

25 Memes That Hilariously Mix 'The Simpsons' & Politics

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Feast Your Eyes on the Bacon D'oh Nut Burger

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Try 18

Funny meme about how breaking a mirror causes bad luck, principal skinner saying pathetic, what about condoms


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What Happens in Florida Stays in Florida

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Anti-Vaxxer Logic



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Homer Cannot Geography Very Well

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Work Smart, Not Hard

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funny memes, dank memes, random memes, for bored people, procrastination | tell friends feel amazing because use psychedelics deal with emotions and past traumas but all reality still just piece garbage and owe bunch people money Shawmin Meme Man | doctor tells anxiety meds and large cold brew isn't balanced breakfast @betches WAT

30 Memes For Procrasturbatory Entertainment

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