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Let Tracy Morgan Get You Into the Spirit of Thanksgiving With These 28 Thanksgiving-y Things

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Sorry, Ya Hosers!

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Turkeys, Like the Rest of America, Have Gotten Huge Since the 1940s

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Ladies and Gentlemen and White Girls of America, This Must Stop!

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Betcha You Didn't Know These Historical Facts About Thanksgiving

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Louis C.K. Nails Thanksgiving

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Americans, Feast on These Thanksgiving Facts!

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We Caught Ourselves a Big One!

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If You Win Thanksgiving Bingo, You're a True Patriot

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Thanksgiving Be Like...

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The True Message of Thanksgiving

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The Oscar Mayer "Hot Durkey" Signals the End of Thanksgiving as We Know It

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The Perfect Drink for a Cold Thanksgiving Morning

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Well Mission Freakin' Accomplished, Dudes...

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9 Hilariously Memorable Thanksgiving Quotes

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A Proud History

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