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This is How Two Austrian Sports Commentators Dressed Up for the Super Bowl

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God's Plans for Super Bowl XLIX

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The Big Game Commercial Bingo

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Washington Veterinarian Willing to Take on a Bronco in Honor of the Super Bowl

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After Everything He Did to Not Get Fined

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Watch This Duck Perfectly Recreate Marshawn Lynch's Epic 67-Yard Touchdown Run From the 2011 Playoffs

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How the Broncos Are Feeling

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It's a Bowl and It's Super

Denver Broncos football nfl seattle seahawks super bowl - 8025226496
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The Seahawks Pancake is a Literal Breakfast of Champions

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No Wonder Peyton Had All Those Turnovers

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Meanwhile in Seattle

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Spoiler Alert

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Super Bowl XLIX in a Nutshell

nfl marshawn lynch Sad super bowl nationwide - 8439830016
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Breaking Madden: Super Bowl 49 Edition

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Sorry, Detroit

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