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Watch This Duck Perfectly Recreate Marshawn Lynch's Epic 67-Yard Touchdown Run From the 2011 Playoffs

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Too Soon for Seahawks Fans

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By Sup123
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Chances Are You'll Fulfill One of These Superbowl Party Stereotypes This Year

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This Joke is Already Getting Old

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Super Bowl Concession Prices Are Ridiculous

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By Unknown

What Every Guy Watching the Super Bowl is Hoping For

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Makes Perfect Sense

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wow. such skittles.

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Americans Have Their Priorities in Order

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By Unknown
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The Seahawks Pancake is a Literal Breakfast of Champions

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It's a Bowl and It's Super

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By Unknown

Spoiler Alert

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By Unknown

Haters Gonna (And Will Always) Hate

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Marshawn Lynch Inks Deal With Skittles, Who Will Produce a New "Seattle Mix" Flavor Ahead of Superbowl XLVIII

seattle seahawks nfl super bowl seahawks marshawn lynch skittles - 8026397184

Shameful, Just Shameful

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By Unknown

Sad Shark

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