Putin Offered Kim Jong-un a Visit to Russia?

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God Bless This Kid

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Those Were the Days

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Guile is a True Patriot (Read It Right to Left)

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Are They Talking About Russia?

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A Russian Beverage Company Buys Pabst Brewing!

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Time to Bring Freedom to Russia

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"Communism Has Never Been Tried," They Said...

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The Real Heroes of the Cold War

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Russia is Complaining About Their Disallowed Goal That Eventually Gave Way to a 'Murican Win

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What're Ukraine About?

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We Won't Forget, Russia

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This Prank by Two Russian Guys Will Make You Proud to Be an American

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Still Makes Sense for Them

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HA! How'd That Work Out for You, Nikita?

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Can't Them Ruskies Ever Just Keep to Themselves?

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