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Only in Texas Would the Police Get Called on to Wrangle a Loose Buffalo

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When Someone Grabs the Ceramic Squirrel You Know it Just Got Real

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Only in America Could an Accidental Refill Cost You Your Job

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Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down the Dumbest Names to Get Arrested

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This is the Woman Who Called 911 After Subway Put Marinara Sauce on Her Pizza

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Who Got Rid of the Cherry Flavor?

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You Know It's a Good Wedding When it Ends in a Brawl and the Arrest of the Groom

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Everything Went Off Without a Hitch for the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field, Except for All the Pee

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Please Tell Me PBR Was Involved

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Shoplifter Escapes Through Ceiling at Walmart

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Georgia Man Runs Into Burning Home to Get Beer

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We Met a Real American Hero Today

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