But Will He Deport Them?

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You'll Never Look at The Democratic Presidential Candidates the Same After this Hilarious Bad Lip Reading

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Guide to American Politics

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This House of Representatives Hopeful From Alabama Has Perhaps the Most 'Murica Campaign Ad of All Time

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Trump Knows Respect!

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Would This Make a Grate Campaign Slogan, or is it Too Cheesy?

Would This Make a Grate Campaign Slogan, or is it Too Cheesy?
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Make Your Face Great Again With This Horrifying Makeup Tutorial

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Great Idea on Paper, Unless That Paper is Your Property

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Would You Let a Dude With a Man Bun Pick You Up Using Donald Trump Quotes?

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The Internet Tried to Top Jeb Bush's Latest Tweet but It's so Ridiculous Everything Else Just Falls Short

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Google Image Search: It's Easier Than Ever. Use It.

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Unfortunately, He Didn't Win

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Just How Bad Does Congress Have it Right Now?

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much patriot. such wow. best president

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I Feel So Official!

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The Sound of American Politics

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