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Ron Burgundy Interviews Peyton Manning

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The Only Thing Peyton Manning Ever Needs to Say

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The First Play of the Super Bowl is... a Safety?

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A Seattle News Station Confused Peyton Manning With Gary Payton After Manning's Record Breaking Evening Last Night

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Peyton Manning's Idea of the Perfect QB

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Sorry, Peyton

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Tom Brady Crying About Peyton Manning

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No Wonder Peyton Had All Those Turnovers

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Like a Boss

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Peyton Manning Explains "Omaha"

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Peyton Manning Was None Too Happy With the Mile High Stadium Scoreboard Operator Last Night

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Uh Oh... Guys, I Think Peyton Manning Might Be Involved in a Sex Scandal...

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How Many Times Do You Think Peyton Manning Will Say Omaha Tonight?

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Don't Be Like Postseason Peyton Manning

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The Front Page of Had a Glorious Graphic This Morning

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