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Fake Trailer of the Day: ‘Black Friday’ the Movie is All Too Real

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The 'Muricabook Pro

Macbook pro murica - 8156421888
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A Horrible Epidemic

murica - 8013929472
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murica license plates texas - 8377734912

USA Finally Gets Revenge for Canada's Part in the War of 1812

win bald eagle and canadian goose fight in real life
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Google "Most 'Murican Picture Ever" and You Won't Be Disappointed

explosions eagles murica - 8296255232

And Amerinewyear!

america christmas murica - 7959813120
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The Hell Is Going on Here?

jesus freedom murica funny - 8278767616
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North Carolina Hunter Bags a 500-Pound Boar You'd Have to See to Believe

murica North Carolina hunting animals - 8104975104

Murica to the Extreme

murica wheelchairs - 7982353920
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If You Flip America on Its Side, You See a Patriot Eating a Burger

murica burgers - 8300324864

Found at a Supermarket in New Zealand

beer murica - 8310095616

That's Us!

lgbtq murica obesity - 8399538432
guns murica 4th of july Video - 72420097

Nothing Says Freedom Like Shooting the Star Spangled Banner

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I Have the Freest Boner Right Now

license plates murica - 8392270336

such murica much diabeetus

murica shibe doge - 7907078912
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