It's Cool, Go Ahead

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The Secret Weapon America Doesn't Want Our Enemies Knowing About

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That Should Go Over Well in the Marine Corps

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20 Ways Veterans Have Fun

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We Are Free for a Reason

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Runners in the San Jose 408k Race Stop Running to Salute a 95-Year-Old Veteran Cheering Them On

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This is the Supreme Level of Wreckage That Awaits Anyone Who Dares Attack America

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Military Turtle

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Look Out, World!

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This Father and Soldier Gives His Son a Special Photobomb on Class Picture Day

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Watch This Harrowing Footage of an American Pilot Accidentally Dropping a 500-Pound Bomb on His Own Ground Forces

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My New Favorite Cheerleader

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A Reason for Beauty

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The 50 Yard Line Reunion of This Military Dad With His Son is Just the Best

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That's the Motto

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