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Marshawn Lynch Flips Off the Offensive Coordinator for Calling a Play Action on the 6 Inch Line

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The Simpsons Just Made This So They Wouldn't Get Fined

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Marshawn Lynch Had One of His Dreads Ripped Out by Broncos Safety TJ Ward in Yesterday's Game

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You Can Derelicte His Balls

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Makes Perfect Sense

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Goodbye Cheeseheads

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Marshawn Lynch's Words of Wisdom

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Need Some Motivational Quotes? Marshawn's Got Your Back!

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Marshawn Lynch Inks Deal With Skittles, Who Will Produce a New "Seattle Mix" Flavor Ahead of Superbowl XLVIII

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Super Bowl XLIX in a Nutshell

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After Everything He Did to Not Get Fined

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Key and Peele Strike Again as Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch in Joint Presser

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Watch This Duck Perfectly Recreate Marshawn Lynch's Epic 67-Yard Touchdown Run From the 2011 Playoffs

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