Who Needs Cake When You Have Pizza?

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Why Would You Want This?

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This Marching Band Proposal is Epic

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The Most 'Murican Proposal


We Are Here to Join These Two in Holy McTrimony

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Get Handsy

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Read Between the Lines

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Man's coworker brings him meals every day, and his wife tells her to stop | AITA telling my husband's colleague stop bringing him meals she cooks everyday? Not hole F35 been married my husband Tom M32 three years recently moved new home about 4 months ago and he started his new position at private company and met new people who became friends with him outside work. His work colleague claire is bit intrusive and doesn't really respect boundaries. She'd bring meals my husband at work pretty

Man's Coworker Brings Him Meals Every Day, Wife Tells Coworker To Stop

Very, very strange.
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Married at Walmart

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Priorities, Choose Yours Wisely

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Just Give Him Some Time!

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Our Rooms Have Thick Walls and Our Front Desk Attendants Can't Be Bothered to Care About Anything

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Must Be a Southern Marriage

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Born Free! As Free as the Wind Blows!

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"They Were Cheap, I Promise!"

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