Tumblr Thread: Anyone Can Be A Formidable Foe

Just cause that kid's playing with a Barbie doesn't mean that they're not an absolute force to be reckoned with, when it comes to a little scrap on the playground. This Tumblr thread shines a welcomed light on the importance of not being a presumptuous fool, who assumes that a kid isn't tough as nails, because of their gender or what toys they choose to play with. 

Check out some more gold from Tumblr with this thread about how Tom Clancy's brain freaked out the US military.

A funny Tumblr post about how kids should be able to play with Barbies and toy trucks | fallen-angel-with--shotgun went Renaissance faire dressed as warrior. Thad real sword with too standing character) next sword-fighting ring, where kids all ages got chance pick up sword and challenge champion. Some woman walks by, with her little girl girl starts walking towards ring, saying she wants fight. But mom pulled her away hella sharply, and like s boys.
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