Josh Freeman: The King of the Overthrow

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The Anguish of Patriots Fans

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Reloading is for Suckers

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Player Recovers a Muffed Punt and Starts to Run the Wrong Way

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Rand Paul Staffer Licks the Camera Lens For Some Reason

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Jermaine Kearse's Miracle Catch All for Naught

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Like a Sir

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Manning Vs. Brady Yesterday

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Step Outta Bounds? Nah, Commit a Penalty

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The Perfect Gun for Hunting a Tyrannosaurus Rex

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At Least Someone is Prepared

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The USA Logo on Medalists' Jackets Changes From Red to Blue

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Earl Thomas With the Touchdown-Saving Judo Chop

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Behold! The Epic Facefumble

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'Murica in a Nutshell

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