I Might Cry...

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Pfffff. "Portions." Whatever!

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This is Called Living the Dream

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They're FREE to Eat Whatever They Want!

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Funny memes about dietitians | People l ask them why they don't eat more vegetables EXCUSES | Person didn't lose weight with caloric deficit. Only keto worked DrNadolsky "T'll take "Shit Never Happened 1,000, Alex."

Eighteen Snarky Dietary Memes For Frustrated Dietitians And Patients Alike

We always love a good meme that makes fun of keto!
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The Taste of Champions

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Welcome to the Land of Magic Food

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Close Enough

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R.I.P. You

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Ultimate Ingenuity

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The Arizona Diamondbacks Have Unleashed the "Dessert Dog" Churro on Us All

Via Dbacks
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How to Make Nutella Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches, Because 'Murica

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Both at Once is Better Anyway!

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Don't Mess With My Portions!

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A Little Slice of Heaven in London

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