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McDonald's: Where Even Your Pancakes Have Serial Numbers

breakfast McDonald's fast food - 8070464768
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Poor Effort, McDonalds

FAIL McDonald's burgers fast food - 8348991744

Although We're Not Entirely Sure of That

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The Fryburger

burgers fries fast food - 8157630720
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Pooping: Yeah, It's Kinda Like That

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... What?

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Suck It, Kim Jong-un!

kim jong-un eagles murica eagle McDonald's North Korea fast food - 8343891456
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Serious Freedom Fries

freedom fries McDonald's fries bullets fast food - 8075993344
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It's a Vicious Cycle

fast food graphs McDonald's - 8153756416

Why Stop at Death?

McDonald's fast food - 8348950528

Honest Slogans

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A Little on the Nose With That Sign

sign kfc food fast food - 8437475328
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I Rep Hard

wtf tattoos fast food - 8428364800

Square Patties and a Side of Kindness

random act of kindness restoring faith in humanity week funny fast food - 7864002304
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Why Does the World Hate Me?

McDonald's fast food - 8210339328

It Don't Make No Sense!

McDonald's obesity fast food salad - 8176129536
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