When the UK Tries to Make Fun of 'Murica

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How to Troll Your English Roommate

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Suck It, England/France!

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These Patriotic Redditors Are Doing It Right

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The American Invasion of Buckingham Palace

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Redcoats? Try Redcups!

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Who Are You Drinking For

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It's Officially "Soccer" Now

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Sorry, Britain...

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Starts With a 'G,' Ends With 'Eorge Washington'

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Starts With a 'G,' Ends With 'Eorge Washington'

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This British Guy Gets American Accents Perfectly (Depending on How You Define "Perfectly")

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This is What a True Patriot Looks Like

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We May Have Been Born as Enemies But We Exist and Thrive as Friends

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