The Education System at its Finest

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Speak the Truth

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This Student Really Cares About Education and Gives an Epic Speech

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Craziest excuses from students that ended up being true. | kajigleta 11h Showed up late college final because his neighbor's apartment on fire. He smelled like fire smoke so gave him an extension on time limit.

Craziest Excuses From Students That Ended Up Being True

Dogs have a real appetite for homework.
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Make Ur Muscels Swole Befoer U Make Ur Brain Swoel

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Truer Words Have Never Been Speaked

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We Smrt, Wee Promis

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A Slight Budget Experiment

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Couldn't Agree More!


American Priorities

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Ameircan Stoodents Can Geogrphaie Reely Gud

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