It's Upper Middle Class Political Correctness Season!

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Jingle Bells, Shotgun Shells...

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By Scottahemi (Via GeekAlerts)
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Chuck Norris Tops Van Damme's Split With an Epic Christmas Split

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Okay, Pringles. I Know That Once You Pop, You Can't Stop...

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You're Making Santa Cry!

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Guy tricks mall thieves with deceptive holiday gift | r/ProRevenge u/Hypetents Christmas gift Grandpa know guy has done this every year more than decade started some dick broke into cab his truck and stole Christmas gifts he had bought at Mall. If remember correctly, he had make two trips and some jerk saw him go back into store and busted his window long time ago am not positive details original event.

Man Baits Mall Thieves With Tricky Christmas Gift

Grandpa's so charitable.
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A Fox News Anchor Thinks Santa is Supposed to Be White?

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By Hanging Lights Early, You Basically Support Murder

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By Unknown
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Maybe We Should Rethink the Time-Honored Santa Photo Tradition

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The Day After Black Friday is Bittersweet

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And Amerinewyear!

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Best. Gift. EVER!

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Via Ayo_ima_lego

'MERICA of the Day: This 'Ordinary Family' Christmas Card is Packing Some Serious Heat for the Holidays

'MERICA of the Day: This Ordinary Family Christmas Card is Packing Some Serious Heat for the Holidays
Via Michele Fiore

Santa's Sack

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By leviathan12
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Farmer Serenades His Cattle With a Trombone Rendition of 'Jingle Bells'

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Watch These Cows Get Treated to a Holiday Jazz Concert

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