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Watch the Oakland Coliseum Change From Baseball Mode to Football Mode

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This 50-Year-Old Man With No Arms Threw Out a Better First Pitch Than 50 Cent

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E-40 Doesn't Flinch When a Foul Ball Goes Straight for His Face

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The Cumberland Americans May Have Lost the Little League World Series, But Their Coach Gave a Post-Game Speech That's Worthy of Any Winner

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Here's RoboCop Throwing Out the First Pitch in Detroit... Yes, RoboCop

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Phillies Fans Make Fun of Craig Kimbrel's Doofy Warmup Stance

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The Red Sox Aren't the Only Winners!

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You Know What They Say About a Man With Big Glove...

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There's Nothing More American Than Baseball

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Oh You Want This?

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Bad first pitch by 50 Cents.

Hero Cats, Mascots, and Pop Divas Have All Thrown Better First Pitches Than 50 Cent

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On This Opening Day, Take a Minute to Remember That the MLB Logo is Just a Bird With Arms

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Baseball Sportsmanship

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Douchebag of the Day: Grabby Adult Makes Derek Jeter Struggle Trying to Give a Ball to a Kid

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Mickey Mantle Drank Natty's?

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New Yorkers Are Gonna Be All Over This!

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