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Obama Be Rollin' Hard

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This Speech by President Obama Will Surely Go Down in History as One of the Greatest American Speeches of All Time

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Guest Host of the Day: President Obama Takes Over for Stephen Colbert With ‘The Decree’

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To the Rest of the World: You're Screwed

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Listen to POTUS Sing Work by Rihanna

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I Ain't Got All Era!

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ONLY 34 Times?

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The First Lady is in Another Castle

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The State of the Empire

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And the Award for "Outstanding Performance of a Crazy Person on Facebook" Goes to...

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The Presidential Fight Club

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Looks Like the President Is Taking His Future Retirement Seriously

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After a GOP Debate, You Need to Listen to POTUS Sing Hotline Bling

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Barack Obama Gets Told to Back off This Dude's Girlfriend, Plays It Off With Class

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Barack Obama Sings Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off'

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