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On the night of February 28, eastern North Carolina hunter Jett Webb bagged a massive 7′ long, 500+ lbs wild boar:

One shot is all it took to turn one local man into a hunting celebrity.

It all began when Jett Webb went night hunting in Bertie County on February 28.

Webb says he was sitting up in a tree when he saw what looked like a large, adult boar. He fired one, very well placed shot of his .308 caliber AR-15 rifle.

WITN sat down with the 34-year-old hunter on Tuesday.

Webb recalls, "Heart, lung, yep. That's kind of what we try to go for. Clean kill, dropped him, stoned him right in his tracks."

Weekly Treat: Animal Tweets (November 2nd, 2020)

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Because it's so hard to keep up, you know that we've got you covered, bringing you the best , most popular, most talked about animals on twitter every single week. Have you ever seen a person sharing a secret with a monkey? Well, you're about to. It's not too surprising though, animals are the best listeners after all

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