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George Zimmerman Will Auction off the Gun That Killed Trayvon Martin

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Relatable and depressing memes about 2020 being a bad year, worst year ever | Hana @Hana_Istvar this one aged like fine wine Constantine @Med_LARPE This is imagine 2020s will be like Uber Eats | Oh Halloween season been scared all year didn't really notice. Y Same

Bleak 2020 Memes Because The Fun's Not Over Yet

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Fake Trailer of the Day: ‘Black Friday’ the Movie is All Too Real

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sad, painful and unhappy facts | SmallAndScarred 5 days ago Bus seats are designed so cannot tell dirty they really are.

Un-Fun Facts to Quote Around Respected Colleagues

Be that person everyone thinks is dark and weird!
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Tumblr thread on dungeons and dragons campaign | thouartathaumaturgeharry O battlecrazed-axe-mage forgamers They should make co- op game where and buddy go through many levels, leveling up and beating bosses But final boss is each other were my brother Player 2 | crunchthedeerstroyer one time did campaign DND where entire party woke up trash heap, memories wiped man shining white armor approached them. He helped them up, healed them, and helped them escape essentially dump and find their way

Tumblr Thread: Inspired DND Campaign Is a Feels Trip

Critical hit in the feelings.
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Well, That Commercial Escalated Quickly

Sad nationwide wtf nfl super bowl commercials - 8439677440
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Super Bowl XLIX in a Nutshell

nfl marshawn lynch Sad super bowl nationwide - 8439830016
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