Roll Tide! Alabama has enough stigmas and running jokes to fill a discount comedy club. From cousins to.... cousins, Alabama is no slouch when it comes to hilarious behavior. So if you have more A's on your truck than you did on all of your report cards, you found your happy place.

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This Crazy Alabama Fan (and Mother) Goes Crazy on An Oklahoma University Student

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That Burn is Gonna Turn Crimson

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Just Another Day in the South

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Best Diss Sign Ever


Someone's Got Their Crimson Tide

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Angry Alabama Fan Gets in Nick Saban's Face After Their 23-17 Loss to Ole Miss, Gets a Righteous Chokeslam Straight Out of WWE

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Watch These Fans React to the Crazy Ending of the Auburn vs. Alabama Game

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Now That Alabama (of All States) Has Decided to Legalize Gay Marriage, Let's Point and Laugh at the States That Haven't

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How Do You Not Know Where Johnny Manziel Played?

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This Man is Reporting on the Utter Carnage and Destruction That the Legalization of Gay Marriage in Alabama Has Caused

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Stephen Fry Doesn't Quite Get America

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Of Course This Would've Been Spotted in Alabama of All Places

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Alabama is More Progressive Than You Thought