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When it comes to this here tag of Funny Tweets, it consists of any attempt on Twitter at comedy, without the necessary qualifier of succeeding. We also keep a list of top funny tweets that might be more along the lines of what you're looking for if you want actual funny tweets.


Insane Tweets From Unhinged People

For every smart and funny writer or kind-hearted activist on Twitter, there is definitely a crazy person lurking with something absolutely unhinged to say. They appear in happy threads, interjecting with a bleak non sequitur or some serious oversharing. They admit to cringeworthy and even criminal behaviors with absolutely no hesitation. Sometimes they sheepishly reveal their stalkerish ways giving anyone who sees their message a serious case of heebie jeebies. All of these disturbing tendencies are well-documented by the @insaneppltwitteraccount. It's a whirlwind of cringe, creepiness, and oversharing. And boy do we love to see it.

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