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Shane Birkinbine of Bentonville, Ark., used “Super Mario Maker,” to pull off all the stops in his pursuit toward marrying the love of his life. For those unaware, "Super Mario Maker" lets users create levels.

Birkinbine configured the levels to propose to his girlfriend Pam Edwards. As Brikinbine's girlfriend Pam Edwards played through the level, he directed her on how to proceed...

“It spells out your name, I think?” he says.

“How did you do that!” she shouts as the words “Pam, will you marry me? appear in blocks across the screen.

Edwards said 'yes' quickly followed by 'of course.' Birkinbine sealed the perfectly tailored proposal by presenting the ring on a mushroom.

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Recently in Toronto at the "Distant Worlds: Music From Final Fantasy" concert, Seth Hay proposed to his girlfriend, Cheryl Murray, in an appropriately geeky and spectacular fashion.

"Once the time came, Arnie (the composer) announced that 'Cloud' has a special message to share." Video started to roll. Final Fantasy VII's "Aeris's Theme" began to play. And the crowd watched as Cloud gave Murray the message Hay had composed for her: "Cheryl Murray, would you do me the honor of marrying me?"

Don't worry. She said yes.

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