Pixel Protest of the Day: PETA is Opening an HQ in Minecraft

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PETA is launching a new headquarters in Minecraft on Saturday, as a safe haven where players are not allowed to harm animals… or at least their pixelated counterparts.
So for all you creative sickos out there - that means no compact chicken cookers, barbaric egg farms, cow torture chambers or pig slaughterhouses.
From PETA's website:

Visitors to PETA's custom-made digital island will explore vast expanses of landscapes where the animals of Minecraft roam free. They can also visit extensive vegetable and flower gardens, walk through a fantastic re-creation of PETA's HQ, and discover an abandoned and decaying slaughterhouse.

PETA has gone to the aid of video game animals before, including Pokemon, World of Warcraft seals, the Tanooki suit in Mario Bros., and dogs in Call of Duty.

What a world we live in...

PETA Does it Again: Starcraft II Edition

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Peta passed out these leaflets at the "Heart of the Swarm" launch in Irvine, California as a reminder to gamers to have compassion for all beings.

Personally, I am still hoping that somehow, someway this isn't real. We should all go and pet Banelings, cause you know, they won't sacrifice themselves or anything to eradicate us.

15 Year Pokémon Fan's Response to PETA

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A life long Pokémon fan responds to PETA's attack with a heartfelt speech and it's super effective!

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