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These are the following phrases you might encounter if you're one of those players that types "GG EZ" after taking home the win.
-Great game, everyone!
-It was an honor to play with you all. Thank you.
-Good game! Best of luck to you all!
-I'm wrestling with some insecurity issues in my life but thank you all for playing with me.
-C'mon, Mom! One more game before you tuck me in. Oops mistell.
-Gee whiz! That was fun. Good playing!
-Well played. I salute you all.
-I could really use a hug right now.
-It's past my bedtime. Please don't tell my mommy.
-Ah shucks... you guys are the best!
-I feel very, very small... please hold me...
-For glory and honor! Huzzah comrades!
-Mommy says people my age shouldn't suck their thumbs.
-I'm trying to be a nicer person. It's hard, but I am trying, guys. Wishing you all the best.

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Game looks solid though, and a good choice for the trailer song. But really, this comment right here sums up how I feel about the trailer as a whole:

Via: kotaku
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After nine years of work by Pokémon Uranium's developers, and a reported 1.5 million downloads, the inspired fan-made game has officially been shut down by Nintendo---specifically, all the download links were removed before Nintendo could pursue them with any legal action.

Some truly saddening news, as Pokémon Uranium was definitely a game worth getting real excited about! Featured over 150 new Pokémon, a new type of 'nuclear' Pokémon, and dozens of hours of new content with a well-developed storyline. See the original trailer here:

This isn't the first time we've seen Nintendo bring down the ban hammer on a fan re-make: Nintendo gave the same treatment to "AM2R," a remake of the GameBoy classic Metroid II.

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