Did Microsoft Inadvertently Release the XBone's Release Date?

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Seriously? I find it hard to believe that no one in the company caught this.

A Sequel to Persona 4 Arena Revealed

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"Yukari Takeba and Junpei Iori, both sporting new designs to reflect the time skip between Persona 3 and Persona 4, will be reuniting with Mitsuru Kirijo, Akihiko Sanada, and Aigis in this upgraded version of the series' fighting spin-off."

The Original Ellie in The Last of Us Compared to the New Ellie

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They changed how she looked after complaints she looked too much like Ellen Page.

XCOM: Enemy Within Announced

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This is an expansion for XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Click through to see the entire description.

Key features for XCOM: Enemy Within will include:

New Soldier Abilities: Research a new alien technology to advance the capabilities of operatives.

Gene Mods: Construct the Genetics Lab to physically enhance operatives' abilities, including augmentations to the chest, brain, eyes, skin and legs.

MECs: Build the Cybernetics Lab to enable the construction of the new Mechanized Exoskeletal Cybersuit, or MEC. The new MEC Trooper class has specialized abilities and each suit can be upgraded with new weapons including the flamethrower, grenade launcher and more.

New Weapons and Equipment: Give operatives an extra tactical edge with new projects from the engineering team in the Foundry.

New Enemy Threats: Adopt new tactics to counter the threats from a host of new enemies, including the Mechtoid.

New Strategic Resource: A valuable new alien resource, known as Meld, has been discovered. Secure it on the battlefield and use it carefully back at base to unlock new research and upgrades.

New Tactical Challenges and Maps: Face new tactical challenges, on nearly 50% more maps.

New Multiplayer Maps, Units and Abilities: Create custom squad from a wider array of options and dominate opponents in intense, one-on-one, turn-based matches.