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At surface level the widespread problem with The Division seems simple enough: players deck their backpacks out to kingdom come, only to log on later to find their uber-customized backpacks empty, and then shortly after their characters locked out from logging back in altogether.

Controllers must be flying across rooms like uncontrolled helicopters, shattering TV screens right and left right now. The amount of frustration endured by any gamer out there that has to deal with an accidental restart, an unsaved 'boss kill' before dying, is enough to crush the most reasonable temperaments. Plain and simple, it just sucks to devote time and energy towards something that up 'n vanishes out of nowhere. 

Mauricio Plaza put up a video that depicts the 'bug' in all of its evil glory, firsthand:

Let's just hope Ubisoft Massive patches up this madness soon.

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Remember yesterday, when Ubisoft set up that weird live stream of a cave painting slowly panning back?

Well, following that, they announced the next sequel in the Far Cry series Oct. 6, Far Cry: Primal.

The franchise was one we mentioned as we tried to decipher the mysterious tease and it follows on the heels of 2014's critically-acclaimed Far Cry 4. This time, you're moving form the Himalayas to the Prehistoric.

The trailer looks pretty cool, and seems to show all in-game footage. You take down a mammoth, then fight a saber-toothed tiger before realizing that other humans just might be the real enemy in this unknown land.

It's a neat idea.

Ubisoft also provided this behind the scenes look at what brought the huge developer towards the this specific idea.