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Assistant game director Ion Hazzikostas responded to a forum thread about expensive vendor items, and actively tried to dismantle the widespread belief that there exists a feeling of consensus in a world as massive and diversified as WoW's. He wrote:

"If I’d instead posted that we were going to reconsider and massively reduce the prices of the cosmetic items on this vendor, there would be other people feeling like their feedback was ignored.

It’s exceptionally rare that everyone wants the same thing,” he added. “And even then, there is a large silent majority that does not post on forums. If there were actual unanimity regarding a certain issue, we would change our design: For example, early on in Warlords, we changed Group Finder loot from Personal back to Need/Greed until we could iterate on Personal loot further, and the community overwhelmingly told us that was a dumb idea. The change was reverted within 2 days.”

He wrapped up his response by honing in on the value of tailoring different kinds of content to different groups, as opposed to just issuing one 'low common denominator' that lacks any real excitement, for anyone.

“If an awesome mount comes exclusively from PvP, the majority of players who don’t participate in PvP yet desire the mount would prefer that it were otherwise,” Hazzikostas explained. “If our goal were to please a majority, we would likely have to make a version of that mount also available through raiding, and one also available through outdoor questing and reputation, at the very least. But doing that would dilute the reward itself. Ultimately, the approach we take is usually to tailor different content and rewards that can feel special to different groups, rather than trying to come up with a lowest common denominator that isn’t special to anyone.”

Via: Kotaku
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Jaryd “summit1g” Lazar ranks as one of the leading Counter-Strike streaming authorities with comfortably over a million followers. Over the weekend he took a gander and subbed for a pro team, which suffice to say, didn't bode well for the young lad.

With a whopping $250k on the line the big boys were definitely out like Luminosity, Tempo Storm, and Cloud9. Summit however, was subbing for Splyce, which isn't the most accomplished of American teams.

Splyce found themselves squared off against Counter Logic Gaming, where they surprisingly enough held their own, and even took 15 rounds to CLG's 11. Things got real heavy, real quick though when after Summit achieved a clutch kill, he proceeded to walk into the very flames of the molotov he'd tossed to elminate his opponent on the way to disarming the bomb, and 'almost' taking home the victory.

Splyce went on to end up in OT, lost the next couple games, and the eventual match 2-0.

The memes thus far have been golden:

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