Kumail Nanjiani Bravely Documents an Airplane Passenger With Pasty Thighs and No Sense of Decency

Silicon Valley actor Kumail Nanjiani shared this horrifying story. The moral of the story here, please keep your pants on during flight.

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Up first, the unedited picture:

Via: someecards

Count 'em up: six girls, five sets of legs. Uhhh, what? Very confused right now.

Here's the explanation of the photograph from someecards:

The second girl’s legs are actually pointing toward the left, one leg is behind Girl #1, and the other leg is on top of Girl #1. This still doesn’t show where Girl #2’s second leg is, but it’s a start. Notice that ankle showing between the shoe and jeans on the yellow leg? Even if that is one of the missing legs, whatever is happening with Girl #2’s body is very strange.

Still feeling kind of's a third pic:

I'm thinking the most plausible explanation at this point is that yes, girl #3 has no legs on her person. That's gotta be it.