Japanese Game Show Where Guys Are "Pleasured" While Singing Karaoke

I need to move to japan just for their game shows
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Japan has done it again! Now you can watch guys try to keep their cool while getting a handy, all while trying to stay in key. The Japanese truly have their finger (and possibly their whole hand) on the throbbing pulse of television. 

Just in case you're curious, here's the video:

Turn Kirby Into a Raging Fire Ball

one flaming kirby
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Via Kotaku: 

The “Fire Kirby” exploit was first found by Swedish Smash player Enis Al-Maatooq, the guy who previously discovered a nifty and highly technical way to reduce character lag in the latestSmash Bros. He told me that he poked around with Fire Kirby to see if the exploit had any similarly game-changing consequences, but didn’t find any...yet.

Here's a how-to on the exploit:

Mobius Final Fantasy: Now With Less Butt

where'd my butt go?
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The main character, Wal, of Mobius Final Fantasy had a bit of a costume change recently. His luscious side abs and exposed hindquarters have been covered, because even for Square Enix his costume was a bit too revealing.
I think he just liked the tickle of fresh are upon his backside during the heat of battle.

Here's the presentation (it's in Japanese) where the designers talk about Wal's wardrobe choices.

Don't know about you, but I'm sad to see this piece of man-candy get covered up.