MEME MADNESS: Sharks Are Nature's Trolls

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Bladies and rents, the final Rage Face battle. The Trollface is so versatile, that for its potentially-final battle, we have altered it. Made it nastier, hungrier, underwaterier.

If you like Trollface more than the next guy (the next guy is Me Gusta), feel free to Share this on Facebook so that it may advance to the FINAL FOUR.

MEME MADNESS: Troll Face Origins

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Trollface's first comic depicted this nonsensical scenario. A cop, being nice? WTF? But then I tried to put on my coolface, and all of a sudden, I was home free. It works, everytime!

There's more to the story at Know Your Meme, but why not Facebook share Troll Face to get him into the Finals for Rage Faces?


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RIP Davy Jones, the Best Trolling Stone.

There's a troll in all of us, and what better way to exemplify that with distorted facial features creating an alarming smirk? None, I say. None at all.

Does your cool face make people mad? Anger your Facebook friends some more by sharing this post (also to advance it to the next match, I guess).

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