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30 Ridiculous Super Bowl-Inspired Memes That'll Almost Make You Forget About That Monday Morning Hangover

Ah, the good old tired, grouchy post-Super Bowl Monday morning, where we're all sleepily wading through a sea of bleary-eyed, burned out boozehounds with solidly pulverized livers, hating themselves as much as they already hated Monday. Or maybe you couldn't give less of a turd about last night's game or football in general. That is unless, you're a Patriots fan. In that case you mos def called in sick to work because you're probably still drunk right now, wrapping up an extensive bottomless mimosa and/or Bloody Mary-soaked brunch, to keep the celebration from last night's last call, going. Either way, the memelords of the world had a lot of material to work with after last night's massive comeback by the Patriots, to beat the Falcons in overtime. These memes in particular, didn't fail to keep us entertained. 

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Tom Brady's courtroom sketch gets the meme treatment.
Via Deadspin
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Tom Brady had to show up in court today for his possible involvement in under-inflated footballs during last year's football season. If that weren't enough, the court room artist drew a picture of sad Brady, though it definitely doesn't capture the essence of the Patriots' quarterback who has also done modeling work.

See, here's a side by side comparison:

Of course, the Internet took it and ran with it, like it was a pigskin in the last play of Super Bowl XLVIII.

Personally, I think he looks like Tommy Wiseau.

If it helps, the courtroom artist, Jane Rosenberg has already apologized for the sketch.

Poor Tom Brady. I hope he can get enough comfort from his model wife, millions of dollars and four Super Bowl rings.