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Ugandan Knuckles Is The Latest Dank Gaming Meme To Take Over Reddit

Creators in tech and gaming often have lofty ideas of what their products and games will be used for. Unfortunately for them, it's very easy for an army of dorks to take that vision and completely destroy it. VRChat is the latest platform to witness this type of mega-trolling, which has arrived in the form of the super-viral meme "Ugandan Knuckles."

Ugandan Knuckles was born from a Youtube video from user Gregzilla, in which a lumpy Knuckles is animated...and singing. Things were taken to the next level when DeviantArtist released a 3D model of Gregzilla's Knuckles which can be used as a VRChat avatar. Players began using the low-quality avatars to further the Ugandan Knuckles meme and to troll other VRChat players. You can see the trolling in action in these videos that feature scores of Ugandan Knuckles babbling and spitting on other gamers. It's an awe-inspiring and hilarious shit show. 

The Ugandan Knuckles meme isn't limited to videos - it's become so popular that it's taken over several meme subreddits, and the Ugandan Knuckles image gallery on Know Your Meme has already surpassed 131 images. Even its creator has said the meme has gotten out of hand. While there could be a little more variety on r/dankmemes, we still think the meme is riotously absurd and hilarious. Enjoy our favorite examples below. 

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