The Internet Reacts: That Ridiculous Pepsi Ad Starring Kendall Jenner

By now you've probably heard about the horror show that was Kendall Jenner's "woke" Pepsi ad. In the 2 minute and forty second clip, the young, white and attractive model is seen joining a very diverse and "artsy" protest in the streets of...Bangkok. The leggy star walks with the crowd until they encounter a wall of cops blocking their way. Kendall proceeds to gift a stern police officer a can of Pepsi. As he cracks it (and a smile) the crowd erupts in cheers. 


The advertisement, which was released on April 4th, 2017, has since been pulled after criticism was unleashed on PepsiCo and its hired talent. Does the company really want to send the message that conflicts such as Black Lives Matter can be solved if privileged white women offer cops soda? It all feels very trivializing. The internet agreed - here is what netizens had to say on the matter. 

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