Audi's New Ad is Perfect

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Redditor Minusguy was quick to capitalize on the opening ceremonies ring gaffe with their new ad.

Kudos to him for the slogan too. It has a nice ring to it...

American Bobsledder Johnny Quinn Gets Trapped in an Olympic Village Bathroom, Busts His Way Out

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GJ, Sochi utilities committee, GJ...

Russia's unpreparedness for the Sochi Olympics has been widely publicized, but now it seems like their shoddy construction runs right down the bathroom doors in the Olympic village.

American bobsledder Johnny Quinn got trapped in one of the bathrooms because the door jammed. Thankfully, Quinn's bobsled training involved a lot of... ahem... forceful thrusting. Rather than face a slow, agonizing death in a Sochi dook hut, Quinn used himself as a battering ram to break through the door to freedom.

After all, he's an American! He knows all about freedom!

Wow Such Bad

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     not wow
                                                                                 doge rihgts violation
                                   much angre

                                           soche 2014


                                                                    stop putin my freinds down
very olympic
                                          such sad