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Up first, the unedited picture:

Via: someecards

Count 'em up: six girls, five sets of legs. Uhhh, what? Very confused right now.

Here's the explanation of the photograph from someecards:

The second girl’s legs are actually pointing toward the left, one leg is behind Girl #1, and the other leg is on top of Girl #1. This still doesn’t show where Girl #2’s second leg is, but it’s a start. Notice that ankle showing between the shoe and jeans on the yellow leg? Even if that is one of the missing legs, whatever is happening with Girl #2’s body is very strange.

Still feeling kind of's a third pic:

I'm thinking the most plausible explanation at this point is that yes, girl #3 has no legs on her person. That's gotta be it. 


Girls Are Naming Their Vaginas Based off the Last Movie They Watched, and It's a Blockbuster!

Sometimes a hashtag will come out of nowhere and surprise the world with its greatness. This is one of those hashtags.

Nearly every woman on Twitter is getting in on #NameYourVagina. Girls are tweeting the name of the last movie they watched and BOOM a name for their vagina is born. The more horrifying the movie the better.

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