9 Hilarious Times People Were 'Legally Allowed To Leave'

If you were once a high school student, then you're probably familiar with the rumor that students are "legally allowed to leave" if the teacher doesn't show up after 15 minutes. Well, now people are applying that to other life situations for maximum laziness.

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reddit user founded a church of harambe approved by IRS
Via agc4
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In many ways, everyone on the planet would like to never hear the name Harambe again. We get it, ok? Dudes on Reddit think the gorilla getting shot is very funny. The joke is played.

But almost by divine providence, if you will, someone found a new way into the joke.

Reddit user agc4 is now the founder and first member of the Church of Latter Day Harambe, a new holy community that just received approval from the IRS.

As of now, we only have a letter addressed to the founder and not much more information on how to join the church because apparently the founder "lost" the letter. Not a great sign for the new religion.

via agc4
Another Reddit user chimed in without to create your own church, too.

So as of now, we’re a little light on details about the Church of Latter Day Harambe. Until some more develops, enjoy this clip from Last Week Tonight With John Oliver from the time John started his own church, Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption.