Twitter Is Having A Field Day Parodying This Pathetic Plate Of Brooklyn BBQ

Brooklyn has long been known for its trendy food scene, offering up unicorn lattes, rainbow bagels, and the bizarre raindrop cake. New York City in general stakes its claim as a destination for pizza, bagels, and of course - pastrami sandwiches. Brooklyn is not, however, known for its barbecue. And Twitter was very quick to remind Vice's Munchies of this fact after they tweeted a very sad plate of meat from Williamsburg's Fette Sau restaurant. The tweets of shame and the parodies are very, very entertaining. 

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All you white people who live in Brooklyn, now you know whom to thank.

This enraged guy was filmed straight up screaming and threatening the lives of a couple who pushed their stroller into him while he was out for a run. In the middle of his anti-yuppie rant, he loudly took credit for 'settling' Brooklyn for white people like them.


In an interview with The Gothamist, the man who wants to remain anonymous at least has some shame about the episode.

The man who was recently caught on video berating a couple after their stroller hit his leg has not yet watched the video of himself shouting about how he "settled" Downtown Brooklyn for other white people. "I'm not gonna watch it, I understand it's probably ugly, and I'll feel embarrassed about it," the man told Gothamist. "I can't stand to watch that stuff."

He explained his side of the events that went down when the stroller hit his leg:

"The woman is talking over her shoulder to her husband, and doesn't notice," he said. "So I said a snarky thing, which the brothers say to me when I bump into them, which is 'excuse you.' We all know that's acceptable in New York. It's a little dicky, but that's what people say."

Instead of apologizing or acknowledging the faux pas, B.A. says the woman "starts screaming at me, 'F*ck you! Who do you think you are?' Then the guy starts screaming at me, 'F*ck you,' and starts coming at me with his fists like this. Now as soon as the guy comes at me with his fists, I'm telling you, if you come at somebody with your fists, be prepared that [the other person] is going to put their fists back up."

If there is any leeway you can give this guy, it's that the supposed run-in with the stroller did leave a mark.

Still definitely not an excuse to claim ownership of bringing white people to Brooklyn.

I don't even know where to start with that.

There was a problem rendering this video - it may have been deleted.
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Forced Meme Productions threw their annual HallowMEME party last week at the Bell House in Gowanus, Brooklyn (which, yes, did flood a bit from Sandy, but is reportedly going to be fine and reopening soon). BreakThruTV was there to talk with one of the organizers - Andrea Rosen, aka Stingray Photobomb girl - and some of the attendees about the party, their costumes, and the meaning of memes.