MEME MADNESS: 60s Spider-Man

broner,meme madness,Spider-Man,weird
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If there's anything more terrifying than a man-like spiderhero swinging crime out of the streets, it's 60s Spider-man's unapologetic departure from the gritty reboots of the current era. His time was more colorful, more peaceful; the biggest problems Spider-man had to deal with were his shoelaces and great-aunt's birthday party.

It kinda turned him into a softy, but one OF WHICH we cannot get enough. (Take that, prepositional sentence endings!) For all the cares Spider-man doesn't give, there is one from each of us for him. We love you Spidey!

[Mods say: If this post gets more shares than Derp, Spider-man will move on from our hearts and into round two.]

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