The 12 Zodiac Signs As Game Of Thrones Characters

Looking for a solid way to waste some time? The fine folks at Dorkly have come to save the day. Combining our favorite (living) Game of Thrones characters with the zodiac is a clever idea - though we have to admit, lumping Jaime and Cersei together as Geminis seems a little easy and unfair. 

Collection of images imagining Game of Thrones characters as the 12 zodiac signs.
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image nasa astrology
Via: DEAsappointment
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It's pretty safe to say this new addition is kind of a troll by NASA on believers in astrology. That doesn't mean this is a FAKE prank. NASA doesn't believe in astrology, they just pointed out a correction

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For some people, it's a very confusing development! (Although some are still very secure in knowing their star sign)

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And here's a list of the new signs, if you want to have your world rocked. 

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